Learning To Lead

1. Learning To Lead

This course is designed to help you understand and practice the core of leadership. Participants will learn how to develop leadership capacity, develop influence, lead a team and understand the principles that help you motivate people to achieve a goal. It will help participant understand how to communicate and build good relationship with key stakeholders that will help drive result.
A key part of this course is that it empowers participants to develop the competence for being result-oriented while also being people focused. Participants will learn how to coach team members towards achieving top performance, learn principles for work-life integration and also developing other leaders.

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Team Building

2. Team Building

Leaders cannot succeed in isolation. You need a complementary team. This course helps teams to build good rapport and connection to help achieve set goals. Participants will learn the stages of team development and develop the needed competency for team leadership.
Also, participants will develop their emotional intelligence for team success and will understand how to identify the strength of their team members for allocating team roles.

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School Leaders Training Program

3. School Leaders Training Program

The objective of this is program is to empower young individuals with the right and needed leadership competencies that will make them contribute positively to their immediate environment from NOW. It will help to increase sense of social responsibility, interest to help others and also increased competence in working with others. It will help participants take initiative to solve personal and societal problems. The competencies to be developed during the course of this program will also be very relevant all through their lives.

This program for students in tertiary and secondary school.

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Leadership Competency Framework Development

4. Leadership Competency Framework Development

different organizations define performance excellence different depending on their industry, objective and other factors. Our expertise in the leadership development space allows to help you develop a suitable competency framework that will you recruit and appraise your key leaders on all levels.
we always design our leadership competency framework fit your goals and need. Our competency framework can also be used for your learning plans so that those who do not have the needed leadership competency can be learn it in the best possible.

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Succession Planning

5. Succession Planning

We know that it is only leaders that prepare for the future that always leave a worthy legacy. One key way to prepare for the future is to infuse a proper succession plan in place for all leaders across the organization.

Our succession planning framework helps you to identify and grow new leaders that will replace old ones when there’s need for it to happen. Our strategy implementation process is always smooth and result driven.

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